Daniel Friesen

(Dantman, Nadir Seen Fire)

Programmer, Web Developer, Animanga Fan

Daniel Friesen

My name is Daniel Friesen. On the internet I am known by the nicknames "dantman" (since long ago, too long to get rid of) and "Nadir Seen Fire" (much more unique). I am a web developer based in western Canada.

I started programming back in 2003, and got into web development in 2005. In late September of 2008 I was hired for my first commercial contract at Redwerks and was promoted to full-time early the following year.

I'm proficient with a number of programming languages. Like any good programmer I can learn a new one easily enough if I have a reason to. Depending on what I'm working on and my goals in the project I've used PHP, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript/ES2015/Node.js. I've used MySQL, SQLite, and MongoDB in the past for actual projects but I've looked into a lot of other interesting databases already. I couldn't possibly list all the specifics I know. I go through a lot of topics and regularly find myself reading some new standard, spec, or documentation.