The state of most uses of css3's border-radius around the web has been bothering me for awhile now. Though now I've found something else to be annoyed at.

The earliest common use of border-radius was -moz-border-radius in Gecko based browsers. Later on the WebKit implementation came into common play. When and where things were actually implemented isn't really important, that's just the order that people started to know about them as common knowledge.

As a result there are plenty of websites around which are still using out of date css that only support Gecko and WebKit based browsers, or in some cases support nothing but Gecko based browsers. This is somewhat irritating considering nearly every browser — at least in their most recent versions — support border-radius, and by using incorrect css they omit support for browsers that actually "DO" have a border-radius implementation. Like Konqueror, Opera, and IE9.

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