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Posts in January 2010

I've primarly made posts about my projects and my site here, so it's about time that I outline what I'm working on at work. The primary reason I haven't done so before is I wanted to wait till there was some tangeable result that people can play arround with. Though I'll make due with demo videos and explanations right now.


First up is our major project, the one which I was hired to work on, Kommonwealth (Feel free to look at the demo video).

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As I've noted before I'm using disqus for my comments. Disqus is an external comment system, it can be embedded just about anywhere.

There are some nice points and some negatives right now.

As an external service disqus is completely separate from my blog. I don't need any local auth system, I don't need to store stuff in a local database, and I don't need a server-side language. ;) In other words, it works beautifully on sites built out of compiled static html. And you can even include it into random web pages.

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After fooling arround with my PIP Account (VeriSign's Personal Identity Portal, the service currently powering my OpenID) I was reminded of Universal Edit Button and stared to wonder why it doesn't seam anyone has thought of the idea of doing the same thing for login buttons. So, I spend awhile on the idea and wrote up a new website on it. Head over to the site for the full explanation of a Universal Login Button.

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Here it is... As I mentioned before (ok, none of you read that post before I wrote this one because that was a local post and I hadn't published the new site yet) I've been working on revamping my entire website, and I've dropped the old blog system and went completely static-html compiled with a JavaScript script on the server.

For starters, I'll make note of the features of the blog. Since you're looking at this right now it probably looks as if you're reading this out of a blog engine... After all, a recent posts list on the homepage, separate fancy url blog post pages, summaries, tag pages and a flexible sidebar, archives, rss and atom feeds, and there are even dynamic comments...

Nope, this blog is 100% static .html files no server-side language in sight (Ok, to be fair I do plan to create a single .php file to let me talk to the disqis api to have js display # comments links).

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Ugh... I think I'm through with blog engines for now.

Wordpress is a insecure bloated mess and is a pain to customize. Typo has some issues with the editor and various other annoying parts, and even though the skinning system is better, I still can't integrate it with my site without duplicating my templates. Various other CMS systems all have some sort of issue with them that also makes them unsutable for my use as a blog. And I haven't found anything else that's near decent to use.

I've just decided to stop bothering with the blog platforms and compile a blog using the same Rhino based JavaScript script I made to compile my site (replacing the old version of nanoc for ruby I was using). I can ignore comments and use Disquis to handle them instead. I'll probably import my old posts in some way and make note of the old comments.

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